Violence against women in Cebu on the rise

Whenever I hear about women who are victims in domestic abuse cases, my initial reaction used to be to wonder why these women allowed themselves to become victims. Why don’t they fight back? If not physically – which is harder for obvious reasons – then legally, where they have a fighting chance. One violent incident, one punch, should be enough for them to pack up their bags and their kids … Continue reading Violence against women in Cebu on the rise

Osmeña Reforestation Project: Cebu’s Heritage Forest

Not too many Cebuanos know that up in the hills of the town of Minglanilla, where the roads are long, narrow, and serpentine, is a sprawling, dense wooded area that has been around for 100 years. Osmeña Reforestation Project (ORP), an experimental and heritage forest, covers more than 2,000 hectares and populated by indigenous tree species, fauna, caves, rivers, and other water resources. It was my … Continue reading Osmeña Reforestation Project: Cebu’s Heritage Forest

Dear Metrobank (an open letter)

Dear Metrobank, I just received a call from a lady who claims to be affiliated with you using a regular mobile number. She rattled off a long spiel about card protection, card errors, etc. Because my Mama raised me to be polite, I listened to her, although I was in the thick of writing a documentation report and wondering where this call was leading to since … Continue reading Dear Metrobank (an open letter)

Maitre Chocolatier Boutique Cafe

It was by accident that I walked into this chocolate shop with a friend. We meant to have a bite and a coffee at J.CO in Ayala Cebu, but they were close at the time when we got there. We were about to walk away to find some other place when I spotted the cute and winsome cafe sign with the word “Chocolatier” on it. Nothing like the thought of chocolate decadence to stop me in my tracks.

Since they surprisingly have quite a a lot of food choices (I wasn’t expecting that) we asked the waitress what their bestsellers were. She recommended the White Chocolate Crepe. I was eyeing something with dark chocolate in it, but I went ahead and ordered the crepe, pairing it with Mocha Latte. Running through their tea choices, I spotted Chocolate Chai Tea Latte which intrigued me. Chocolate with chai tea and milk? I ordered a cup of that, too.

Continue reading “Maitre Chocolatier Boutique Cafe”