Sharing is caring: Handouts on Writing

Part of what we do in our agency as government communicators is to help empower our partners in the localities in communicating public service messages. The public information officers (PIO) of the local government units are critical to our goal of an “enlightened citizenry empowered to make informed decisions.” The PIOs serve as the spokespersons of the local government units and government agencies. One way … Continue reading Sharing is caring: Handouts on Writing

Dear Metrobank (an open letter)

Dear Metrobank, I just received a call from a lady who claims to be affiliated with you using a regular mobile number. She rattled off a long spiel about card protection, card errors, etc. Because my Mama raised me to be polite, I listened to her, although I was in the thick of writing a documentation report and wondering where this call was leading to since … Continue reading Dear Metrobank (an open letter)

‘Gates of Hell’: Much ado about the truth

I don’t understand all this moaning and groaning of Filipino officials over Dan Brown‘s “Inferno.” I mean, really, guys, are you that touchy to be so offended over Manila being described as “gates of hell” in Brown’s latest novel? It’s a work of fiction, for Pedro’s sake. It’s not like one bad scene in a bestseller would dissuade thousands of tourists from coming over to … Continue reading ‘Gates of Hell’: Much ado about the truth

With TESDA, May Choice Ka!

UPDATE: This post won the Most Creative Blog award during  TESDA’s National Blogging Contest in August 2012.

Do you remember Leo and Eugene?

I interviewed them early this year for a feature story for Philippine Information Agency. I hoped then that their story will inspire more Filipinos who are struggling to find stable jobs to follow in Leo’s and Eugene’s footsteps.

TESDA’s current slogan is: “Sa Tesda, May Choice Ka!” It’s true. Read on to find out why:

Continue reading “With TESDA, May Choice Ka!”

“Soon to Served You”

This sign may mean three things: The salon’s management needs to hire an editor/proofreader, or maybe a nail technician or hair colorist with basic grammar skills; The printing shop where they had this sign printed needs to hire an editor/proofreader, or maybe an encoder or graphic artist with basic grammar skills; They realized the error too late and the management doesn’t have enough funds to have … Continue reading “Soon to Served You”

Parents, please raise book readers

An unsolicited advice to parents: please raise your kids to become book readers. Start them young. Wean them on the written word. Make them love reading books so much that taking away their books will be for them a punishment as horrible as grounding them. Shower them with books so they will follow Tom Sawyer and his (mis)adventures. Introduce them to Ebenezer Scrooge and why he was … Continue reading Parents, please raise book readers