Salivating over The Suite Room’s Pan-Fried Salmon

I first discovered this wonderful dish via Foodpanda. My usual go-to’s when I’m in the mood for food delivery (and I’m sick of the food from the carinderia) are Hala Paella, Brique, and Ilaputi. That time I felt a hankering for salmon and decided to check out the menu of other restaurants. When I saw The Suite Room’s listing for Pan-Fried Salmon in Citrus Butter … Continue reading Salivating over The Suite Room’s Pan-Fried Salmon

Maitre Chocolatier Boutique Cafe

It was by accident that I walked into this chocolate shop with a friend. We meant to have a bite and a coffee at J.CO in Ayala Cebu, but they were close at the time when we got there. We were about to walk away to find some other place when I spotted the cute and winsome cafe sign with the word “Chocolatier” on it. Nothing like the thought of chocolate decadence to stop me in my tracks.

Since they surprisingly have quite a a lot of food choices (I wasn’t expecting that) we asked the waitress what their bestsellers were. She recommended the White Chocolate Crepe. I was eyeing something with dark chocolate in it, but I went ahead and ordered the crepe, pairing it with Mocha Latte. Running through their tea choices, I spotted Chocolate Chai Tea Latte which intrigued me. Chocolate with chai tea and milk? I ordered a cup of that, too.

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Pancake House serves yummy Pinoy breakfasts. Their sunny side ups are perfect. #yum

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I love breakfast food. I can eat breakfast all day long. Among the breakfast staples – bacon, eggs, ham, sausages, tapa, chorizo, fried rice – eggs are the King (with bacon being the Queen). It’s not breakfast for me if there are no eggs. I like it sunny side up, poached, boiled, and scrambled. But I’m quite particular with how they are cooked.

I like my sunny side ups over easy, the kind that when you pierce the quivering yolk with a fork, thick golden liquid runs out. (Just imagining it is giving me serious hunger pangs.) For scrambled, I like it a creamy mess and heavily peppered. For boiled, it should be soft with the yolk very gooey.

However, despite my strong love affair with eggs, I have yet to learn how to cook them the way I like them. I know, they’re supposed to be easy. I mean, c’mon, they’re eggs right? But I am a disaster in the kitchen.

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Bagnet, I wouldn’t mind meeting you again

This is the Bagnet served at Azia Suites and Residences, the hotel located at the back of the building where I work in Cebu City. I asked the F&B staff what can they recommend for a first meal at their hotel, and they said their Bagnet was their most popular dish. I haven’t had breakfast yet that day, so at 1:00 PM, I wolfed this … Continue reading Bagnet, I wouldn’t mind meeting you again

Exotic street food alert: Pungko Pungko in Cebu City

Since I started working in Cebu, I have developed a hankering for street food – the fried, unhealthy ones. Barbecued meat, barbecued chorizo, barbecued hotdog, barbecued intestines. Right outside the place I rent in Cebu City are a couple of barbecue vendors and whenever I pass by them on my way home, the smokey aroma is enough to trigger hunger pangs. It’s always a battle … Continue reading Exotic street food alert: Pungko Pungko in Cebu City

Top 3 chows in Cebu (so far)

I was losing weight late last year in Dumaguete after I religiously followed a diet + exercise regimen. But since I started working in Cebu in December 2012, I have steadily packed on additional pounds. You can call it stress eating. Adjusting to  new (and bigger) responsibilities at work, being away for long periods of time from my family for the first time… my cravings are spiking … Continue reading Top 3 chows in Cebu (so far)

Do you eat enough veggies?

(Sorry if this is another green post.) In answer to the question posed by this post’s title, I don’t. And it seems that I’m not alone. Studies have shown that Filipinos are eating less and less of the greens. In 1978, each Filipino was consuming 145 grams of veggies (average) per day, everyday. But in 2008, their intake sharply dropped to only 110 milligrams per … Continue reading Do you eat enough veggies?