Sharing is caring: Handouts on Writing

Part of what we do in our agency as government communicators is to help empower our partners in the localities in communicating public service messages. The public information officers (PIO) of the local government units are critical to our goal of an “enlightened citizenry empowered to make informed decisions.” The PIOs serve as the spokespersons of the local government units and government agencies.

One way for us to empower them is to conduct free workshops, lectures, and learning sessions on various communication topics such as Press Release Writing, Clear and Effective Writing, Communications Planning, News Writing, Feature Writing, Media Relations, and Maximising Social Media for Government Agencies.

I have lost track of the number of times I’ve talked about communications for government employees and students. In fact, I just finished polishing three decks for a series of lectures I have to do for a government agency next week. Each time I’m invited to speak, I revise my decks to suit my audience and the time given to me.

In this post, I’m sharing the handouts of two decks: Clear and Effective Writing and Press Release Writing. The first topic outlines the basic principles on plain writing, and why it’s important for everyone to learn how to write clearly and effectively, whatever your profession. The second one is an introduction to press releases, why it’s important for an organisation to have one, and the different formats of a PR.

Please take note that these files are just handouts of my slides; the explanations are in my notes which you won’t find here.

Click on the images to download the files. Enjoy!




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