Education as a weapon 

I delivered the Closing Remarks during the 15th General Membership Meeting of the Coalition for Better Education, a Cebu-based national NGO working on helping improve public education in the country. 

This was the speech I wrote on my phone just minutes before I was scheduled to walk up onstage. I wish I can say that I work better under pressure but the truth is I am just darn good at procrastinating.  

Thank goodness the speakers before me were so inspiring in their messages that the words flowed easily from me. 

I’m parking this here in case this would also inspire you or spark a note of positivity in you. Thank you. 

It is an exciting time now to be a teacher. Seeing the report delivered by Dr. Lopez, I can’t help but feel excited for CBE and its members. A wise philosopher named Yoda of Star Wars said “Feel the force.” I definitely feel the force tonight surrounded by such an inspiring group of people. 

Change is coming to the education industry. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Pres. Duterte has announced a salary hike for the public school teachers. So, yes, exciting times ahead. 
But at CBE, every year is an exciting time for educators and education stakeholders. The classroom is no longer within the four walls. It’s a global classroom now and Dr. Jeruta has mentioned some of the challenges thateducators face, and CBE will be able to help empower the teacher factor. 

We have trainings, energy camps, energy education, content development, education advocacies, educational tours, leadership awards, and now a modular program. There is a lot in store for CBE, and its 15th year is just the beginning. It will be exciting to watch how CBE will grow to become a formidable force in empowering learning communities with CBE members inspiring changes in the landscape of education advocacy. 

Dr. Lopez already conveyed our heartfelt thanks in behalf of the Board of trustees. So let me close our event today with an appeal inspired by Nelson Mandela who said that “education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. ”

May we all be weapons of mass inspiration, continue engaging, learning, and inspiring, and, to spread the love and spread the hope because education saves lives.

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