Thanks, Kuya J’s Restaurant 

A friend and I found ourselves at Ayala mall at 11pm with no dinner yet. We walked over to that relatively new Korean bbq place at the Terraces that we’ve been eyeing for some time. However, after we flipped through their menu, we had to walk out and seek out another place.  Their prices were ridiculous! More than P600 per person for a meal with meat and fish choices. The cheapest was around P400/head for an all-meat (no seafood) buffet with unlimited servings for one hour. We were hungry, but not THAT hungry. 

We ended up walking inside a nearly empty Kuya J restaurant. Only two tables were occupied by customers. We went in since there was no CLOSED sign yet posted outside. But when we learned that they were closing in 30 minutes, we decided to try our luck somewhere else where we won’t have to hurry up with our meal. Just as we were about to stage our second walkout that night, our waiter, John, came back with who I assume was their supervisor named Kim. 

Kim assured us that we were welcome to stay and enjoy our meal and not to worry about the closing time. I told him we were concerned that we might hold up the staff. “We won’t turn away customers. Please don’t worry about us,” he said, sincere and earnest. 

Reassured, we proceeded to order grilled tuna belly, grilled pork belly, and garlic rice with suga-free cucumber shake. 

Everything tasted wonderful. This wasn’t my first time at Kuya J’s and I’ve always enjoyed their food. My favorite is their Baked Scallops which I won’t fail to order next time I dine there. Their place in Ayala is always packed and has a long waiting line outside which isn’t surprising. Great food at reasonable prices. Who wouldn’t want to keep coming back?

But great service is also what makes a restaurant unforgettable, especially one that goes beyond what is necessary. Thank you to Kim and John for accommodating two hungry souls last night. You could have said no and we would have understood. 

Or maybe they heard the rumbling of two starving tummies? 

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