I’m probably the only woman who has Lego toys on her vanity table alongside makeup and perfume.

A good friend who is now based in USA brought home a Lego gift for me. Knowing my love for Star Wars – and obsession with Yoda – he picked a piece from the Star Wars Lego collection. It features Rey and her Speeder and Unkur’s Thug. It’s so darn cool. Along with the Lego box is a badass-looking Yoda.

Slow down, my heart. Too much excitement, I cannot take.

This was my first time to tinker with Lego. I always thought that since it’s a toy, it would be awfully easy to form these pieces.

Boy was I wrong. It takes a lot of mental energy and focus to piece them together as you figure out which brick goes into which while looking at the drawings in the manual and figuring out from the pile which bricks you’re supposed to put together. There were times I had to go back and pull the pieces apart because I found out (much, much later) that I chose the wrong bricks.

Whoever thought Lego is just child’s play have obviously never tried playing with one. No wonder my adult cousins with kids usually end up doing all the hard work while their kid just watches them figure it all out. It can get pretty hardcore.

It took me an hour, thereabouts, to complete mine. I forgot the time and myself. I prayed for a distraction and my wish was granted. The OC in me found nearly orgasmic bliss in how perfectly well the bricks fitted together, and how exact everything is.

I know my desirability value in the romance market just plunged with this post. After all, who wants to date a woman who likes to tinker with Legos? (Someone who also tinkers with Legos? Let’s meet up and play with each other’s… Legos? Will mine fit yours? Okay, someone please stop me.)

But care, I do not. As if I let that kind of nonsense bother me. There’s no shame in playing with a creative and highly engaging plastic toy. (That sounds a little naughty, for some reason.)

I better stop now before I do actually shame myself with my cheesy NSFW puns.

For the meantime, may The Force be with you all!

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