Thank you, 2015

2015, you have been so nice to me. After the tumultuous 2013 and 2014, thank you for giving me a break, 2015.

There are still so many things I’d love to accomplish but all in all, it was a great ride 2015. I was rejected for a scholarship abroad, I went out on a few (some disastrous, some okay) dates, I was pulled out to Manila to work as host media liaison officer assigned to The United States (worked with White House staff), I went around giving talks about communications, social media advocacies, and effective writing. Attended a lot of workshops, did more hosting stints this year, and sang live onstage at SM Freaking Skydome for what was my first public performance and reputation-damaging number. I think that with that number, I have destroyed Cebu’s reputation of being a breeding ground for the best Filipino singers.

I’m excited for what 2016 has in store for me. Like, maybe by 2016, I can finally find a warm body to hug, and not a plastic tree. Who knows.


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