Championing the cause for a rabies-free Philippines

IMG_9730I’m now in the last leg of the three-part session of the Communicating Health Advocacy Mentorship Program (CHAMP) conducted by the Global Alliance for Rabies Control. Being a huge animal lover, this was an opportunity I didn’t want to miss, even if February has been quite the most toxic month for me in terms of event schedules at work. Rabies continues to be a public health concern, and having been a dog owner all of my life, this is an issue that hits so close to home for me.

GARC is an international organization that works towards the global prevention of rabies. Rabies cases among dogs and humans persist in the Philippines, and GARC aims to tap communicators in the goal for a rabies-free Philippines by 2016. Participants chosen for this communication training come from selected parts around the country from agencies like Philippine Information Agency, Bureau of Animal Industry, and local government units.

The course is broken down into three modules that taught us so far how to come up with communication plans and strategies to effect behavioural change, the educational media tools to use in executing communication projects, and running social media campaigns for advocacies.

So far, the course has been educational and very enlightening for me. This post is actually an output for the third module, which is to come up with a blog entry about the course. I’ll come up with another more comprehensive blog post on my insights and learnings in the next few days. I’m looking forward to being one of the champions for a rabies-free Philippines!

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