Yes, we have it all

I’m smack in the middle of work stuff right now (I think I’ve been smack in the middle of loads of office stuff for years now so nothing new there) but I just must/need to blog about this one.

There’s this amazing German who came over to the Philippines and fell in love with my country that he stayed here for 3 months.

When I followed the link going to his blog post from Facebook (don’t ask me why I’m even on Facebook when I’m supposed to be finishing a report and like a hundred other tasks), I knew right away it was a bad idea. Here I am, sitting in my air-conditioned office, surrounded by glass walls, the sharp ringing of the phone jarring the silence once in a while, and then these stunning photos started loading up onscreen – swaying coconut trees, lagoons sparkling like jewels, endless stretches of beaches that seem to kiss fabulous blue skies, grinning faces of people who look like they don’t have a care in the world… I want to weep. So near yet so far.

How can this guy from a country million miles away been through all these places here in the Philippines?  He stayed here for 3 months, and he’s been to about about 22 spots in the Philippines. Twenty two. In 3 months. And here I am, a native, and I haven’t even been to more than half of those places!

Reading his post, I felt so proud to be Pinoy, and at the same time ashamed that I remain a foreigner in my own country. His post makes me want to quit my job right now, pack a bag, and head off to the sunset.  Brown myself under swaying coconut trees, read a paperback in a swaying hammock, get lost somewhere, conquer a mountain and scream up to a vast sky, dive underwater to kiss the fishes, and kiss a total stranger. (That last one is actually in  my bucket list. I have a crazy bucket list, one that I can never share online for fear that my family will disown me. Well, more like my parents will skin me alive first, before disowning me.)

I keep dreaming of going to other countries, and yet right in my backyard are some of the most amazing places that captivated the hearts of foreigners. The Philippine Department of Tourism has been urging Filipinos to explore their own country. Huwag maging dayuhan sa sarili mong bayan. Don’t be a foreigner in your own country. When am I ever going to follow that advice?

Anyway, I can’t post Philipp’s photos here for obvious reasons, so you’ll have to follow this link to go to his blog. Prepare to drool. No, not over his six-pack abs, silly. But prepare to be blinded by the amazingness that is the Philippines from his photos. You’ll want to go pack those bags, too.

I’m actually keeping his blog post perpetually open on one of my browser tabs as a sort of motivation. Something to tide me over until I work up enough guts (and save up enough dough) to drop everything and hie off to the sunset.

To give you a context on what I’m ranting about here, this is my view as I type this:


Now go open Philipp’s blog post and you’ll understand why I feel like weeping. Shame on you, Philipp. Shame on you. And thank you so much. We need more tourists like you!

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