Artwork T-shirts are fast becoming a personal favorite

I’m never more comfortable than when I’m in jeans, shirt, and sandals. Even at work, I try to keep it corporate casual, pairing frilly or formal blouses with dark jeans. And flats. Although my height (or lack of it) can sure benefit from the added height of heels, I feel more comfortable and secure going around in flats. In other words, for me, it’s comfort first before style. Off-work, my personal style has always been jeans +  graphic tees + open toed sandals. I have a thing for graphic tees. Especially the kind that bears vintage illustrations.

So when I stumbled onto the Artwork shop at SM Cebu, I was predictably hooked. They put a hip, modern spin on graphic tees. Their loose, cotton shirts come in a varied range of not-your-usual colors. And the artwork! Major drool. The rebellious vibe of their tees screams “I’m creative and unique!” I love it.

That’s me on the far left wearing one of my first purchases from their shop:


It’s a loose top that should actually be worn off one shoulder but the occasion where the photo was taken didn’t call for that much casualness. I always pair this shirt with dark skinnies.

Artwork’s clever artwork also extends to its shop’s interiors. If you happen to drop by their shop at SM Cebu, just grab a tee of the rack and check out their dressing room, pictured below:

#Recycle old faucets. Love this. #creative

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The dressing room itself is made to look like a toilet with its tiled walls, and the recycled old faucets popping out of the wall to use as bag or clothes hangers. Nifty idea, right?  I tried twisting the middle faucet on a whim. I was almost disappointed that no water came out. Duh.

Just for that dressing room alone, I refused to walk out of Artwork shop empty-handed. They scored so much brownie points with me. I love creative, crafty stuff like that.

They also have an outlet in Ayala but not as impressive and quirky as the one in SM Cebu.

Artwork website



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