Top 3 chows in Cebu (so far)

I was losing weight late last year in Dumaguete after I religiously followed a diet + exercise regimen. But since I started working in Cebu in December 2012, I have steadily packed on additional pounds. You can call it stress eating. Adjusting to  new (and bigger) responsibilities at work, being away for long periods of time from my family for the first time… my cravings are spiking overtime. Plus I have to daily deal with people who just drive me nuts that I let off steam by food-gasming.

This stress eating better stop soon or else I’ll become so big that even my dog won’t recognize me anymore.

During my mini food binges at Ayala Mall (a short walk away from where I work), a couple of personal food favorites have emerged. I’m like my Mom that when I fall in love with a certain dish in a certain restaurant, I keep coming back for more.

Sometimes, I would set out intending to explore other restos. But my cravings would eventually rope me back to my favorites.

So far, here are my top chows in Cebu (so far):

1. Teriyaki Boy Chicken, Teriyaki Boy
Teriyaki Boy – Ayala Cebu Terraces
2nd Level, The Terraces, Ayala Center Cebu, Mindanao Ave., Cebu, 6000
Phone:(032) 231 2792

I thought Rai Rai Ken’s Teriyaki Chicken was the best I’ve tasted until I tried Teriyaki Boy’s. Goodness. The chicken is tender and coated with a rich, smoky sauce that is just to die for. And their rice… it’s soft and chewy with a bit of flavor in it. I can’t quite pin the taste down but it’s yummy.

Just be prepared, though, because they only give chopsticks to customers. I’ve asked for a spoon and fork but the waiter said they don’t have any available. I was forced to learn how to use the chopsticks on my own right away.

2. Tuna Belly, Chikaan
Address: Salinas Dr, Cebu City
Phone:(032) 233 0358

Chikaan was the nearest restaurant to the condo where I used to stay in Salinas Drive. This is the only dish I’ve eaten in Chikaan and I’m hooked. The tuna was grilled to perfection, a little charred on the edges yet lusciously juicy inside. Paired with their garlic rice, it’s a combo made in seventh heaven.

3. Garlic Chicken BBQ, Jonie’s Sizzlers & Roast
SM City Cebu

The sauce on their Garlic Chicken BBQ is downright sinful. It’s so delicious the taste lingers days after you’ve eaten it. Plus they give you an extra container of the sauce! So you can pour it on the chicken to your heart’s delight.

4. Bangus Meal, Red Ribbon
Level 1, Ayala Mall Cebu

Bangus + garlic. My two favorites. Don’t even compare this to Jollibee’s Garlic Bangus, which has a too strong burnt garlic aftertaste. Red Ribbon’s reminds me of the Bangus meal I used to eat a lot of at Sweet Choices, a quaint, boutique cafe that’s now closed, unfortunately, in Dumaguete City. RR’s bangus dish has just the right amount of toasted garlic on it,and the bangus belly slices are fried crispy on the outside but tender inside.

I know Cebu has a lot more foodgasmic feasts to offer that I have yet to try (like Zubuchon for lechon) but I have to rein the cravings in if I don’t want to bloat like a balloon.

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