My Instagram addiction

Ever since I got an iPad (the Retina one), I’ve been going stir-crazy over Instagram. I used to tell friends that the only reason I would buy the ridiculously expensive iPhone is for the Instagram app.

Now, thanks to the new iPad, I’ve been sucked into the Instagram-licious madness. I love the filters and I love the instant sharing capability. I’m also digging how the photos and the app’s UI look so glossy and gorgeous on the Retina screen! The pictures just jump out at you. This Retina thing is simply amazing.

This is how the Instagram app looks on the iPad:

Instagram on iPad

You can also toggle between the iPad screen size (above) or the iPhone screen size (below) via the 1x or 2x button on the lower right.

But of course, why settle with the phone-sized screen when you can fill the iPad screen with Retina gorgeousness!

Since I started playing around Instagram, I’ve been trying to get my Insta photos to show up on my WP blog via a sidebar widget/app. However, that’s not possible as there’s no available Instagram widget for WordPress… yet.

I tried the workaround via  and it was fine at first, the photos appeared like they would look like on a Flickr feed. But a few days later, the photos screwed up; they somehow became so huge that you can only see a horizontal slice of the photos.

Then I read at WP’s support site that embedding the photos in a blog post is actually easy as a pie. So I guess I’ll have to settle for embeds for now, until someone out there makes an Instagram app for WP blogs.

In case you’re wondering how to get hold of your Instagram photos’ URL, just log in to Gramfeed using your Instagram log-in details. You will then see a gallery of your Instagram photos. Click on a photo, and on the upper right side, click on “Instagram Page”. You will be directed to your photo on the Instagram website with the URL in your browser’s address bar. Voila!

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Today's lunch: Caesar Tuna Salad at Shakey's. #veggies #salad #tuna #yum #lunchbreak

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Love Tina. Awesome read! #hilarious #tinafey #funny #book

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I post a lot of cat and food photos on my Instagram, so if you’re a cat owner/lover, feel free to follow me. You can find me there as chellelandia.

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