iMac as a home accessory

I started out writing my second blog post today for Smart (as part of a blogging contest) but was having a hard time making it happen. Somehow, my writing vibe today is off. I lost steam somewhere in the 3rd paragraph.

I’ve learned from experience not to force what should come naturally. So I took a break, and wandered into Pinterest, hoping that those heaps of eye candy there would get the creative juices flowing. But I really should have known better; one can get dangerously lost in that site. You’ll scroll and link and re-pin and keep scrolling and re-pinning until you’ve lost track of time. You start out with good intentions, but you end up hooked and high on “girl porn”, to quote the comedian Dane Cook in his description of Pinterest.

Anyway, I noticed from my re-pinning of interior design photos that the iMac is often featured in the picture. Whether in bedrooms, living rooms, workspaces, and home offices, the iMac is there. It has become a home decor (and quite an expensive one).

Below are some of my favorites:

Photo from House and Home via Pinterest

In one word, that space is dreamy. If this were my “office cubicle” I’ll never get anything done. “Who needs an iMac with an astounding view like that?” you might ask. But you need to tweet, FB post, and Instagram your jaw-dropping office window. Otherwise, nobody will believe you!

Photo from unplggd via Pinterest.

Can you spot the iMac? The white iMac blends wonderfully with the predominantly white palette of this eclectic home office.

Photo from via Pinterest

The iMac totally looks right at home in this space. (I love the L-shaped workbench-style desk with the vintage chairs!)

Photo from Home Goods via Pinterest

This one above is a prime example of why the iMac is becoming a staple in interior design. It’s sleek, elegant, sophisticated, and romantic. What other desktop PC can you describe that way? I don’t think the designer could have pulled off this look if another PC was used. The desk lamp with the iMac…sigh.

Photo from revistacasaejardim via Pinterest

Looking at this pic, I can find only one flaw with it. I’m not in there. If I had my own pad (and my salary was 3x bigger), it would look just like this. I’d also be doing what the lady in the pic is doing. She’s probably tweeting her space. I would, too, if I lived there.

Photo from Brunch At Saks blog via Pinterest

My heart skipped several beats when I saw this. All I could of think of was: “I want it!” Gorgeous. Just gorgeous.

Now you see why Pinterest is not for the fainthearted?

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