Hi, my name is Rachelle. I’m a liniment addict.

Ok maybe not really addicted to it, but I have an ongoing affair with herbal oils. Particularly those that has Menthol and Camphor in it, like the PAU liniment pictured above, left. I always keep a liniment in my bag all the time. I never go on out-of-town trips without it.

It is to me as essential as lipstick and eyeliner.

On my recent trip to Puerto Princesa, my sinusitis acted up from the extreme cold at the boat and on the plane. I got an hour-long full body massage in my hotel room (which cost me P600 can you believe that?) and asked the masseuse to use the PAU oil. It was heavenly. The soothing scent helped me relax and ease my sinus-caused pain in front of my head and between my eyes.

The PAU oil is a recent find for me, actually, courtesy of my co-worker from Bohol who introduced it to me when we went to a pharmacy in Puerto Princesa just hours before my massage. I intend to get a bigger bottle next time.

But the best herbal oil I’ve used so far in terms of soothing scents is this one from Forest Essentials in India (far right on the photo below):

This is one of the giveaways from our stay at ITC Maurya in New Delhi (the most luxurious and generous hotel I’ve stayed in so far in terms of goodies). They placed it on top of our bed, along with a packet of “Dream Kerchief”, a scent-soaked handkerchief that promised to help lull guests to sleep. (Just writing this is making me miss India all the more!)

The sample-sized spritzer is labelled “Stress Reliever” for “de-stressing and relaxing.”

The key ingredients are Lime Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Lemon Essential Oil, and Peppermint Essential Oil. The blend of scents from lime, lavender, lemon and peppermint is so perfect, so fresh and invigorating. It’s hard to not get hooked to this product. Which is why I’m trying as much as possible to skimp in using it because I don’t want to run out of it right away. I don’t think it’s available for sale here in the Philippines.

The downside with using herbal oils and liniments is you end up smelling like your grandparents. In dialect, manimahong gulang.

Oh well, I don’t mind. We all grow old, eventually.

4 thoughts on “Liniment-ism

  1. ahahaha…same here. i also like Pau. I love the soothing scent that would always almost relieved body pains. No, i don’t mind being called “manimahong gulang” and refreshed rather than smelling good but looking exhausted.

      1. ay isang malaking tsek! ^_^… medyo may kamahalan lang mao mag-ininot ra ko ug gamit…effective gyud sya for me

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