Travel light? What’s that?

No matter how many times I’ve travelled, I still haven’t learned the art of packing light. In fact, when I came back from India in February this year, my luggage handle broke right there at the Manila airport arrival area. I had to buy a new and bigger one so I can pack in everything for the flight back to Dumaguete from Manila.

They say that traveling light makes for a stress-free trip. I have to disagree. Because the thought that I would be underpacked is stressing me out. I’d rather be overpacked than underpacked, really.

Right now, I’m packing for a five-day trip that involves boat and plane travels. Since this trip is both business and pleasure, I need to pack clothes suitable for both. I tend to pack more clothes and underwear than the expected, because, well, isn’t that the wise thing to do? Something unexpected might come up.

I might get stranded or the trip could be extended.

Or what if I meet my “Prince Charming” (smirk) and I don’t have the appropriate clothes or – gasp! – shoes for a hot date?

Aside from the clothes, I also need to pack in toiletries, and those require ample space inside my luggage. Not to mention the shoes, slippers, and the electronic gadgets (camera and laptops and chargers for those plus the cellphone).

If you ask me, travelling light is a myth, much like the Unicorn and the Loch Ness monster.

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