Magic Mike: The story doesn’t matter

Surprisingly, this movie was not as raunchy as I expected it to be. Nudity, yes, of course (it is after all about male strippers), but nothing frontal. And the sex scenes were not explicit, in fact, they were chaste and just assumed.

The plot may have been a bit lacking, but the story really didn’t matter. Magic Mike raked in millions (grossed $39.2 million in its opening weekend) from its target audience – who else – women. And those women (including me) didn’t flock to the theaters for the story. We went there for the eye candy, and I absolutely mean no malice in that whatsoever.

It’s kinda like Ocean’s Eleven. George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Matt Damon could very well have just been sitting around talking and that movie would still have ended up a blockbuster. So it is with Magic Mike. Channing Tatum,Matthew McConaughey, Alex PettyferJoe Manganiello, and Matthew Bomer could have been reading the phone book in their boxers and still women would have lined up to watch it.

I wish James Franco was in the movie. Although I can’t imagine him gyrating onstage, but he can pull off the confused, tortured, and vulnerable soul that Channing wasn’t able to channel in the film. Maybe in the sequel? Since they’re now talking about a Magic Mike Part 2. Oh, goodness.

3 thoughts on “Magic Mike: The story doesn’t matter

    1. Hi Cham! Sometimes, we just want to see a movie that doesn’t require a lot of brain activity hehe. So Magic Mike was that kind of movie. Thanks for dropping by and I dropped by your blog, too!

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