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Gallery: Greenwich Sunday

They both order the same thing every time- Overloaded B.

My Mom’s favorite place to eat after church is at Greenwich. She just looooves the place. No matter how hard my Dad and I try to persuade her to try some other restaurant, she refuses to budge. I like their Overloaded Pizza and Chicken ala King, but it would be nice to try something else. Plus, Greenwich’s menu is limited to carb-rich foods: pizza, pasta, and chicken. But my Mom would sulk if she doesn’t get her way. She really should ask for a loyal customer commission from Greenwich, given how addicted she is to their food. To argue with her on where to spend our Sunday lunch would only ruin our day, so I’ve learned to keep my mouth shut and try to ignore the calories and carbs while I chow down on chicken and pizza.

Why is it so hard to raise parents? Sigh.

PS- Just click on the dots below the photos to browse through the gallery.

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