700 cupcakes for a bridal gown

Kasalang Filipino (Filipino weddings) staged an exhibit at Robinson’s Place over the weekend (May 18-20, 2012). I wasn’t too fond of the wedding gowns displayed in the exhibit as I’m not a fan of ball gowns with lots of sequins, but the “gown” above caught my eye. It’s an “edible gown” crafted by Cakes4You, a local cupcake shop. The gown is made up of a total of 700 chocolate cupcakes with white frosting. The flowers are also made of icing. The owner said it took her one day to create the gown. It’s an exquisite work of art. Edible or not, it looks more stylish compared to the inedible gowns on display in the exhibit.

Now, IF I were getting married, I’d have one like this made for me to wear on my wedding night just for the fun of it.  I’d tell my husband to eat his way into my heart (haha). He would probably die of diabetes the next day. Death by cupcakes on wedding night!

Or, another idea would be to wear one during reception. The bride would stand in the middle and guests can come and pick one cupcake at a time. But this idea would probably be more ideal during a bridal shower, especially if the naughty friends of the bride invited a macho dancer (what in the Western world would be called a stripper) to spice things up. He’d eat the cupcakes off one at a time until the bride is left wearing something sexy underneath. Now that would be fun. Naughty, but fun and sweet!

Here’s one table arrangement I like at the exhibit:

Calla lilies with white roses make a simple yet elegant combination, don’t you agree? I’m more drawn to simple yet stylish arrangements with just a subtle pop of colors. And the lilies inside the glass base of the lamp is so creative.

A clarification: I’m not getting married. I just like weddings, especially the styling part of it.

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