Chicken Tikka Masala

I’m so glad I stumbled on this blog via Pinterest. I’ve been seriously craving for Tikka Masala ever since I got back from India. I’ll definitely try this out next weekend.

Can't live without...

Valentines day was an alien concept for me growing up in India. I did not hear about it until I got into college (around 11th or 12th grade). Around that time Hallmark made it presence felt, unavoidably so. Giving someone a Valentines card pretty much meant asking them to be your life partner!! There was not much latitude in its meaning. And of course parents would never be happy to find out that their son or daughter gave or received a card. That is, if they even knew about the specialty of Feb 14. Yup, you got it, there was not much dating back then given the prevalence of  arranged-marriages. Choosing your
spouse on your own was frowned upon, which is largely true even today. Of course things have changed quite a bit in the last decade, for better in some cases and for worse in the other.

I don’t…

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