“Soon to Served You”

This sign may mean three things:

  1. The salon’s management needs to hire an editor/proofreader, or maybe a nail technician or hair colorist with basic grammar skills;
  2. The printing shop where they had this sign printed needs to hire an editor/proofreader, or maybe an encoder or graphic artist with basic grammar skills;
  3. They realized the error too late and the management doesn’t have enough funds to have the sign corrected and re-printed;
  4. Or, the salon’s advertising team, if they have one, is plain crafty that they want to play mind tricks so those who read the sign will constantly be thinking about it.

It’s the fourth reason that had the sign replaying in my mind long after I saw it. Sort of like the movies “The Minority Report” or “Back to the Future” where what has yet to happen (“soon”) has already happened (“served”).

So even if you haven’t had your nails done or your hair colored in their salon yet (obviously because they haven’t opened shop yet), they are assuming (or just confident) that you will be going to their salon for your beauty needs, and that’s why they used the past tense.

Could this be a new trend in advertising? A new trick? We all know how the advertising industry cannot be fully trusted. Like I said, crafty.

Or they’re just blissfully unaware that they committed a grammatical faux pas. Either way, I hope the salon staff’s styling skills are better than their grammar.

3 thoughts on ““Soon to Served You”

    1. Yes, a total waste. I find it disturbing that no one – from the salon workers to the printers – spotted the error there. Not one of them knew grammar? Disturbing. Anyway, every time I pass by the sign, I itch to take it down and cut the letter D out of it.

  1. ahahhahahah…It’s very common nowadays. I think they just committed a mistake and not some sort of any advertising trick. But it was nice of you to have thought that way even though it was just number four.

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