Why you should never go anywhere without your business cards

I found myself in an awkward situation during my recent trip to India to cover the Delhi Dialogue IV (and among other things). Actually, not just once but several times.

You see, of all the business tools that I had to forget to bring with me, it had to be my box of business cards.

When the other journalists from the participating ASEAN countries started mingling and swapping cards, I felt like a fool. While I was receiving their cards, I repeatedly had to apologize and explain why I wasn’t giving them one in return (which is the polite thing to do).

It was embarrassing.

What makes it worse is that my business cards, which I left on my office table, warm and snuggled inside the black box from moo.com, are gorgeous. (Disclaimer: I’m a big fan of their products but I’m not being paid to praise them). 

business card from moo

Made of thick, matte paper with an eye-catching design (vintage typewriter in different colors), my cards are of the kind that I love to show off because the quality is tops. It stands out from a sea of the usual. The design is one of the pre-mades at the MOO website. This one is by Monika Koziol, a senior graphic designer at MOO.

Plus, my blog address is on it.

My first business trip abroad, and I wasted an opportunity for my blog’s exposure. All because of what could be an early onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Sigh.

If you’re a blogger, a business card is a great off-line way of publicizing your blog, especially if you work in an industry where you often find yourself meeting new people or just being around other people like during conferences and meetings.

Of course, it’s also essential in building a network of contacts and potential clients, too.

Right now, I’m down to my last 15 cards from what was originally a box of 50. So I’m being a bit choosy who to give it to, for now.

I’ll be needing a new set soon, especially since I’ve moved to a new blog address. I’ve already chosen a different pre-made design at MOO. Since it’s more costly because it’s from their Luxe line, I didn’t complete the purchase yet.

I’d like to sleep on it for a couple of days to see if I still like the design I’ve picked. Its retroish design is reminiscent of the Gutenberg days of letterpress printing, with ornamental letters and big bold typography in that scratched and grungy effect.

MOO business card Gutenberg
Screencap from moo.com

It’s altogether in the opposite end of the design spectrum from the minimalist vibe I have going on in my blog here. (I’m now in a minimalistic kick).

I would have wanted the design to match my blog for a more coherent and professional look. So I might change my mind a few days from now. We’ll see.

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