Starting over. Again.

So I’ve finally bitten the bullet and moved.

Blogger was my “home” for several years and I’ve maximized all the free features that it has to offer. I went through 3 blogs there.

It wasn’t easy, moving to this new crib as WP isn’t really as user-friendly as Blogger is. Navigating WP’s dashboard had me sitting on my butt for more than 5 hours yesterday. Some moments I was in agony, wanting to pull out my hair, chew on my nails.  All throughout, I was questioning the decision to move blogs. I mean, why am I even torturing myself to learn WP when I already have the easy-as-1-2-3 Blogger?

I admit, Blogger spoiled me. I can dig through the complicated world of my template’s HTML and tweak it to my heart’s content. Although I’m not an HTML geek, there are lots of tutorials online that I can follow if I want my sidebar to be a little wider, my header a little bigger, or put an array of widgets on my footer.

Plus I can change the fonts whenever I want to whatever I want, depending on what tickles my fancy at the moment.

WP doesn’t do that, at least for rent-free (the domain-hosted version offers HTML tweaking and more but it comes with a price). The free themes are limited, and you cannot access its HTML. You cannot change its fonts. If you are on the .com platform, like I am, you are limited only to the settings already in place by the theme that you choose.

If you want the ability to change fonts – and increase or decrease its size – and add CSS customizations –  you have to buy an upgrade. But even with that, you are limited only to using 3 fonts (for the site/header name, post title, and body text). The list of fonts offered by TypeKit for this upgrade is also limited. You’ll need to get another paid subscription in order to access all of TypeKit’s fonts.

WP is, frankly, a snob. So why in the world did I move here?

I moved here to cut an addiction. With Blogger, I was constantly itching to tweak and tweak endlessly because the ability to customize is just there for the taking. Being fickle-minded, I found myself fretting needlessly over how my blog looked, liking it today and then hating it the next day. Instead of focusing on writing new posts, I was perpetually redecorating, hacking through my template until I was so sick of it and too drained to write a post.

I was like an addict, trying to satisfy my incessant-need-to-tweak-my-blog-template and yet never really being satisfied.

So I made the jump to WP to cut the addiction that was preventing me from blogging. With WP’s restrictions, I can hopefully, finally, just write. I guess you can call this a rehab for me. Plus, I heard that it’s here at WP where the coolest bloggers and writers are. *wink*

Welcome to Chellelandia at WordPress!

8 thoughts on “Starting over. Again.

  1. haha! Its true that wordpress is a b****!! I have been using my wordpress for a while now after getting a self hosted on and believe me! i paid a lot for the host and my domain but then when u have this self hosted wordpress endless tweaking is still happening for me haha. good luck girl! followed your blog as well! xx

    1. I thought I was the only one! Kainis ano? I was planning to eventually get my own domain, but I think I’ll cave in and backslide again with the endless tweaking hehe. Followed you too! Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

  2. Welcome to snob central, WP! So you’re here for rehab. How very Lindsay Lohan. 🙂

    Your reason for liking Blogger was my reason for NOT liking it. I’m no techie. I don’t wanna bother with HTML and CSS and all other geeky acronyms. I just wanna publish my posts as painlessly as I could. WP allows me that convenience. I agonize enough in writing; I don’t wanna add to my agony by minding fonts and what-not. Hahaha!

    And I so agree with your last statement. 😉

    1. Haha thanks for the warm welcome AJ. :-p I’m looking forward to that painless posting, now that snobbish WP won’t give me access to the HTML. Yep, I think we’re in good company here at WP, where the cool people hang out. 🙂

  3. Lol! Welcome to WP! I actually transferred my blogs from Friendster to WP, then created sites at Blogger just last year! WP will make you write for sure, no more addiction…… mmmm let’s keep our fingers crossed! Lol!

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