Watercolor Waterloo

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I once wanted to be an architect or a fashion illustrator. I used to love drawing houses, rooftops, and laying out rooms and sketching outfits. My Mom says that I doodled on the walls before I learned how to write. But then I fell in love with words, and arts took a backseat after that.  […]

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Thanks, Kuya J’s Restaurant 

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A friend and I found ourselves at Ayala mall at 11pm with no dinner yet. We walked over to that relatively new Korean bbq place at the Terraces that we’ve been eyeing for some time. However, after we flipped through their menu, we had to walk out and seek out another place.  Their prices were […]

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I’m probably the only woman who has Lego toys on her vanity table alongside makeup and perfume. A good friend who is now based in USA brought home a Lego gift for me. Knowing my love for Star Wars – and obsession with Yoda – he picked a piece from the Star Wars Lego collection. […]

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Violence against women in Cebu on the rise


Whenever I hear about women who are victims in domestic abuse cases, my initial reaction used to be to wonder why these women allowed themselves to become victims. Why don’t they fight back? If not physically – which is harder for obvious reasons – then legally, where they have a fighting chance. One violent incident, one punch, should be enough […]

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Writing away the hurt


It’s been a while since I got in touch with my artsy fartsy side. Whenever I’m going through a tough time, I always go back to the pens and let myself bleed on paper, in words and strokes and lines and color. I went to a basic calligraphy class hosted by Charm Pia Tan at […]

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